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 Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Thigh to Waist High, SE light winds, Front tonight!! 

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 Another day of the super fog out there.  These images are very low quality, and we realize this, but wanted to get something up here.  The surf is there though.  Sets are in the waist high range, with a little surface chop from the winds but not too bad.  The remainder of the day should be really nice with the sun coming out to burn off the fog this afternoon.  Our next scheduled cold front will be passing our area late tonight and bringing those strong North winds with it.  Grab all the beach gear and get to the water!

Congrats to all the winners of the TGSA Galveston Open!  You guys did great in conditions not all that common in Galveston.  Stoked. 
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Marine and Weather
Wave Height:    2-3ft
Buoy 42020:      3.9 ft @ 6 sec  

Low Tide: 8:24 am (-.31 ft), 8:47 pm (.52 ft)
High tide:  3:51 pm (.84 ft) 

Winds:   SE @ 10-15 mph
Water temp: 57 degrees

Air temp: High of 68

Sunrise: 6:50 am
 6:29 pm


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Today's surf flick!  And yesterday's in case you missed it...