Today's Surf Videos

Wave Height- 3-4 ft

Buoy 42020- 7 ft @ 7 seconds (ENE 51 degrees true)

Water Temp- 83

Tides- High 10:56 pm (3 ft)  Low 12:35 am (0 ft)

Winds- NE @ 10-20 mph 

Weather-  Partly Cloudy, High of 85

Sunrise- 7:29 am

Sunset- 6:56 pm

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Friday, October 21st

Waist High, Strong NE Winds! 


​​​​​​​​Howdy gang.  First of all we want to say thanks to all of you for being there for us as we are having to deal with some family stuff up in Houston.  We are doing our best to be there for you guys as your source for surf in Port A. Well the big blast of Northeast winds came across our island this morning with the front that we've been expecting.  This morning the buoy is growing and the winds are howling.  As for the surf, there is plenty of waves out there today.  Sets are in the waist high range with bigger ones making it through later on today.  We will see similar conditions into tomorrow as the winds start to lay down and the swell starts to organize.  Go and get some!


Thanks to all that participated in the Pack open this past weekend.  We all had a blast and want to congratulate all the rippers that took the win.  Way to go!  Also, don't forget to get registered for the TGSA season. Click HERE to register.