​​​​​​​Well that front didn't last too long.  This morning we are seeing the winds make a turn and are currently from the East about 15mph.  The surf got really good late yesterday afternoon as the winds came to a stand still.  There were some sets making it through about chest to head high and pretty dumpy on the inside.  Today we are seeing a different story with the return of choppy conditions and stronger winds.  We are looking for another front to pass sometime on Saturday and bring strong North winds with it.  Until then we will have partly choppy seas building from the ESE.  Be safe out there today and use a jetty for the best bet.  

Looks like the Port A Open is the next stop for the TGSA Season and the first call should be this next weekend. We'll let you know the call as soon as we hear it. Click HERE to register. 

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Wave Height- 3-4 ft

Buoy 42020- 5 ft @ 8 seconds (ESE 113 degrees true)

Water Temp- 72

Tides- High 6:30 pm (2 ft)  Low 8:16 am (1 ft)

Winds- E @ 15-20 mph, 

Weather-  Mostly Cloudy, High of 72

Sunrise- 7:00 am

Sunset- 5:32 pm

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Thursday, December 1st

Waist to Chest, Choppy Conditions, East Winds!! 

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