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Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Knee High, Pretty Clean, SandFest! 

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A soggy start to our Saturday here on the island.  There is a little wave out there making it through with all the crew on it and having fun.  We hope for the most part that the rain is over with.  There is a 20% chance for the rest of the day.  We are expecting things to slowly build as the front approaches for Tuesday, but it shouldn't be anything to drastic.  Get outside and enjoy the crowded beaches.  It's nice to see people making the best of the soggy conditions. 

This weekend is SandFest 2015.  As of now the weather is all over the place.  Literally!  We do have a forecasted front scheduled to pass our area on Tuesday.  There will be scattered storms pulled off the Gulf as the front approaches.  Let's pray for no rain over the weekend because as of now it is about a 50-50.  If you haven't seen these great sculptures, this year should be amazing.  Click HERE to visit their page and see whats happening this year.  

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Marine and Weather
Wave Height:   2 ft
Buoy 42020:     3 ft @ 7 sec  

Low Tide:  2:34 am (.11 ft)
High tide:  11:42 am (1.60 ft) 

Winds:   E @ 5-10 mph
Water temp: 73 degrees
Air temp: High of 77

Sunrise: 6:55 am
 7:57 pm


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Today's surf flick!  And yesterday's in case you missed it...