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Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

  Thigh high, SE winds...

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Surf this morning looks about thigh to maybe waist high. SE winds on the beach bringing the swell in a little more consistent. Semi choppy conditions but looking better than the last few days. Grab the stick and get wet! We should have waves the next few days before dropping off this weekend.

Have a Great Wednesday.

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Marine and Weather
Wave Height:        2  ft +
Buoy 42020:   3.3 ft @ 6 sec  , SE ( 133 deg true )

High Tide: 3:08 am (1.87 ft)

Low tide:  6:40  pm (0.06 ft)

Wind:  SE@ 10-15, increasing to 20-25 in the afternoon
North wind around 5 knots shifting east late in the afternoon
Read more at http://www.wunderground.com/MAR/GM/230.html#MeslCWKC5AC076p4.99
Water temp: 83
Air temp: high of 87

Sunrise: 7:01 am
Sunset: 8:01 pm


Here is a look at the Pier Cam, brought to you by The Dunes Condos!